IBM Wroclaw Poland Practice Prostitution!

IBM Wrocław Poland

Michal Tlaczala, Hitler of IBM Wroclaw, Poland. 3rd line manager or whatever is his fucking position right now in the company and Member of the Management Boards send the police in to your house (proof) if you send mails in the company complaining about managers abuses. Because he’s too idiot to put a proper filter on the mail servers!

If you go to McDonald’s and you don’t like the food or the servant the manager is coming and apologize. In IBM Wroclaw, Poland if you complain about the managers you woke up with the police at your door!

Hail/Heil Hitler!

Michal Tlaczala
Michał Tłaczała

Monika Slomiany, The Prostitute of the company. HR Business Partner or whatever is her fucking position right now in the company (probably goat). Who knows how much cock she received after I’ve exposed her that she’s fucking with the managers. She should thank me!

This bitch goes in manager’s daily huddle and gossips about employees to block their career as managers who fuck her are asking her to do it!

Monika Slomiany
Monika Słomiany

Did you know that:

Michal Tlaczala:

… fires eployees if they don’t practice prostitution?
… was doing business with thieves?

Did you know that:

Monika SIomiany:

… has such a big vagina that two elephants live in it?
… sucks the managers cocks in the company’s toilets?

Monika Slomiany

Complain to Wroclaw Police
Complaint to Wrocław Police that I was forced to practice prostitution in IBM Wrocław!

Did you know that:

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM and Robert Weber, Member of the General Counsel are aware of this and they are silent?